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BaBylissPRO Launch Influencer Collection

BlueMercury welcomes the Influencer Collection, inspired and created in collabration with three major names in global barbering - Sofie Pok (@staygold31), Rob Ferrel (@robtheoriginal) and Joshua Hawkins (@thehawkvision_). As part of the Barberology series, each member of the trio have created their own Lithium Hair Clippers tailored to their specific techniques and personal style. As part of the Barberology series, each member of the trio have created an important release for the brand.

The BaBylissPRO BlackFX Metal Lithium Clipper comes courtesy of Sofie Pok, who is renowned for her modern LA style, detailed looks and precise lines. Which the tool’s Graphite Fade Blade works toward. The tool's Graphite Fade Blade is adept at creating sharp edges and effortless fades, something Sofie Pok has created and been heavily awarded for.


“Seeing a clipper inspired by me just makes me so proud,” Sofie said. “I made sure my clipper came with a Graphite Fade Blade which makes it really nice and smooth when fading – I can’t wait for people to get their hands on this collection!”
The BaBylissPRO WhiteFX Metal Lithium Clipper has Rob Ferrel as its muse. Rob is the 2019 Barber of the Year, as awarded in November by the American Influencer Awards. His clipper features a DLC/Titanium Taper Blade conducive to attaining the same laser sharp, intricate designs that have won him both that award and global acclaim.
The BaBylissPRO RedFX Metal Lithium Clipper created in collaboration with Joshua Hawkins, whom was recently awarded the title of ‘Best Barber in America’, has a DLC/Titanium Taper Blade.
“I think it’s a true blessing,” Joshua said about the project. “This is the first time any clipper company has done anything like this with influencers, so I just think it’s huge that we were chosen out of so many amazing artists to be a part of this concept.”

BlueMercury_2_BaBylissPRO Influencer packaging

The collection features a high torque, brushless, Ferrari-designed engine. Each clipper in the collection is cordless and dual voltage with a two hour run time, it allows for ease of use, convenience and flexibility within a salon. Each clipper includes an additional interchangeable gold taper arm and gold bottom cap to mix, match and customise.
The collection doesn’t just put the necessary tools in your hands, it inspires future artists with its intricate aesthetic brought to you by the leaders in today’s barbering’. True innovation, creativity and skill will be literally at your fingertips, with BaBylissPRO.

BlueMercury is an authorised Australian stockist of BaBylissPRO hair electricals and hair products. Your guarantee of 100% authenticity. For more information email us via our Contact Us page, or follow us on social via Instagram or Facebook @BlueMercuryOnline.

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