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This Ionic Brand Just Dropped New Tech & We’re Excited

Deep down in the BaBylissPRO Technology Testing Lab it was discovered that Graphite and Titanium could create electricals with a smoothness and performance which was previously unknown to humans. With one titanium plate and one graphite plate the smoothest, fastest straightener was invented. Try this straightener just once and you will wonder why you bothered with the older technologies. These tools synergise the unique properties of titanium and graphite and brand new technology to create a new era in hair straightening, bar none.

BaBylissPRO call this new technology GXT Synergy Performance which is to celebrate the unique combination of titanium and graphite. This new range which includes a regular straightener with 25mm plates, a wider version with 32mm plates and 19mm, 25mm and 32mm curling irons.

Graphite is formed in the earth’s crust under extreme heat and pressure. It’s a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon which is highly heat conductive, remarkably smooth and extremely durable. Polished to incredible smoothness, graphite provides an unprecedented ultra-glide surface to reinvent straighteners and which finally consigns older designs once and for all to the dust bins of history.

The power of the materials used and the design allows for accelerated heat transference and stable temperatures for smooth and efficient styling results. Titanium has always been admired for the smooth plates it creates. Graphite takes this to a whole new level.


The straighteners come with additional technology such as an ion generator to reduce frizz and increase shine, ceramic heaters and a memory function. These tools also feature universal voltage, a safety cool tip and a built-in stand for maximum efficiency.

In and industry first, the curling irons in this collection are fitted with ionic generators, for ultra-smooth, shiny and silky hair. 

Graphite Titanium by BaBylissPRO creates a Synergy of Performance producing power and advanced technical features. This game-changing collection features the most advance range of hair electricals.

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