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It’s Time to Make Waves

The life-changing, ultra-fast, ultra-easy curling iron anyone can use! No dip in the ocean needed, Silver Bullet WonderCurl Triple Barrel Curling Iron creates perfectly tousled, beachy waves in an instant.

Silver Bullet WonderCurl Triple Barrel Curling Iron is the curling wonder which delivers soft and effortless, beach day vibes in mere moments. Designed for hairdressers and amazingly easy-to-use, this triple 28 mm curling iron is BIG for big results.

Ultra-fast heat-up to 230°C, great for all hair types and lengths. Anti-static ceramic barrel surfaces add beautiful shine and smoothness. There’s an extra-long 360° swivel cord for manoeuvrability, as well as an easy grip heat resistant handle. We love the LCD and the auto 60-minute shutdown if we’re forgetful. Silver Bullet has thought of everything!

Beautiful waves are now as simple as clamp, release and admire. That luscious fresh-from-the-beach hair achieved instantly and effortlessly without any of the dreaded sand! Perfect for any occasion plus with our simple styling tips you’ll be a pro waver in no time:

1. Always About That Base – It’s important to start with a smooth, dry base. Apply a styling product to damp hair (we love a volumising mousse), then blow-dry in, smoothing as you go.

2. Take The Time to Section – Divide hair into four quarters and clip. Starting with a back quarter take a smaller section of hair and clip the rest out of the way. Spray the section, clamp, release, and repeat. Smaller sections will give you more defined waves.

3. Spray, Spray, Spray– For your style to last all-day and all-night spray each section with a workable hairspray before clamping, plus this will help with heat protection.

4. C U Never Crease Lines – Rotate the WonderCurl into the reverse position with the solid metal clamp always on the underside of your section. You should be able to see your hair over the middle barrel when the clamp is closed.

5. Uniform Waves – Overlay a part of each heat styled section into your next clamp. This will give you a continuous wave.

6. Be Cool – Before breaking up your waves with your fingers, a brush or comb, let your hair completely cool. This will help maintain the definition and hold of the wave.

7. Just Mess Around – Play around with your technique, find what style suits you best. Our advice? Avoid taking on this look for the very first time 30 minutes before rushing out the door, as practice makes perfect!

The Silver Bullet WonderCurl Triple Barrel Curling Iron will give you the most effortless just-left-the-beach-without-actually-having-been-at-the-beach moment. Ultra-fast, effortless waves are now Hotter. Faster. Better. 

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