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Sky’s The Limit to Your Styling

When a glossy, bouncy blow-dry is just too time-consuming, reach for the amazingly fast and easy Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush. The humble hot brush gets a major makeover with a unique design and incredible results.

Ultra-smooth, volumised styles with soft, supple movement can be achieved by simply brushing your hair. Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush is designed with a rounded barrel and triple-layer, ceramic and nylon bristles with increased resistance. The result is superior grip and tension that allows the hot brush to get far closer to the roots, for an ultra-smooth, ultra-bouncy finish, free from unsightly frizz.

With ultra-fast heat-up to 210°C and five temperature settings, Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush caters to all, especially curly, wavy and textured hair types prone to frizz. Heating elements between bristles maximise volume, whilst the ceramic comb surfaces help to further reduce frizz.

There’s an extra-long 360° swivel cord for manoeuvrability, as well as dual voltage functionality for worldwide use. We also love the temperature memory function and the auto 60-minute shutdown if we’re forgetful. Silver Bullet has thought of everything!

Designed for use on dry hair, Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush creates ultra-smooth volume, perfectly flicked fringes, and luxurious straight styles in mere moments! Ideal for any styling need, especially when you’re pressed for time; plus, with our simple styling tips you’ll be smoothing and volumising like a true pro:

1. BYOH *bring your own hairdryer* – The Limitless is the easy-as styling tool but much like your beloved hair straightener or curling iron, the Limitless is always used on 100% dry hair. Think styling tool rather than drying tool.
2. Divide and Conquer – Always work the Limitless through small sections of hair. This will give you the most control and ease of movement, as the triple-layer ceramic/nylon bristles are designed for maximum tension to minimise frizz.
3. Smooth Sailing - Think of the Limitless as a super-heated detangling brush. To start styling, run the barrel through a section of hair like you would with a regular paddle brush. Try to avoid wrapping your hair completely around the barrel, as the triple-layer ceramic/nylon bristles will tightly grip the section preventing any movement.
4. Slip Into Something More ComfortableKeep your favourite hair oil or serum handy! Work through from the mid-lengths to ends before styling. This will help the Limitless glide through a section of hair effortlessly and offer additional heat protection.
5. Chill Out! – Not everyone needs 210°C to style their hair. The Limitless has five temperature settings to cater for different hair types. A good rule of thumb is to start at 180°C and work up or down from there. Aim to use the lowest temperature possible that will achieve the result you desire.

Smooth, shiny, volumised hair that looks as luscious as a professional blow-dry, is now as fast and easy as brushing your hair.

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